I thought I’d compose a list of some of the really good example or production applications I’ve found. These are great for when you’re beyond basic examples, and really want to see how everything should pull together in a full application. It’s also a great way to learn - I love seeing how others solve problems.

In the next couple of weeks I plan on building one of these myself, and then open-sourcing it for others to learn from. It’ll have a node.js driven backend (the API) and an Angular.js based front-end. In fact it’ll be the whole MEAN stack. The application will be based around people’s pets, and everyone loves animals!

These are in absolutely no particular order, and feature different languages.

  1. Ghost (Node.js / Backbone.js)
  2. Discourse (Ruby on Rails / Ember.js)
  3. Reddit (Python)
  4. Document Cloud (Ruby on Rails / Backbone.js)
  5. JSBin (Node.js)
  6. Cloud 9 IDE (An IDE written in JavaScript)
  7. Customer Manager App (ASP.NET or Node.js / Angular.js)
  8. FoodMe app (Node.js / Angular.js)
  9. AngularFun (Node.js and (the only unfortunate bit) CoffeeScript)
  10. wReader (Chrome Platform / Angular.js)
  11. RockNRollCall (Ember.js)
  12. Isomorphic JavaScript app (Node.js)
  13. Example Flight.js App (Flight.js)
  14. Lamer News (Ruby)
  15. Kite (Python / Angular.js)
  16. Meatspace Chat (Node.js)
  17. Building a Google Calendar Booking App with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js (Node.js / Angular.js)
  18. Laravel Shop tutorial #1 (PHP)
  19. Node Stream Playground (Node.js)
  20. Diaspora (Ruby / Backbone.js)
  21. Reportr (Node.js)
  22. GameOn (Node.js / Angular.js)
  23. RedditJS (Node.js / Backbone.js)
  24. Angular-app (Node.js / Angular.js)
  25. Building a Customer Management App with Laravel and Angular.js (PHP / Angular.js)
  26. Chat Application with React.js (React.js)
  27. Angular.js Note Application (Angular.js)

There’s also a whole list of projects using Angular.js here.

I’ll update this list as and when I find things :)