I love sweet food, it’s kind of my downfall when it comes to trying not to be fat. I recently needed a name for something I was building—so I thought, fuck it, VictoriaSponge!

VictoriaSponge is a dead lightweight DOM selection / manipulation library I’ve been building. It’s in no way supposed to be a replacement for jQuery or Zepto or the like. It was A) a learning experience and B) to be used when jQuery was too heavy.

Then I started building a little validation library, I thought I’d carry on the dessert theme with Soufflé.js.

Feel free to have a play with them. I’ve been trying to build lots of small things recently, so as to keep motivation up and to allow things to actually get finished and released. I’m so busy at the moment it’s hard to dedicate chunks of time to larger open-source projects. These little projects have been loads of fun though; it’s quite rewarding to get something real and usable pushed out in a day. Granted, neither are particularly innovative, validation and DOM manipulation libraries are ten a penny, but they fit my needs perfectly.