I started the work on a WYSIWYG editor a number of months ago, this was due to the functionality of a feature at work. I open-sourced this project in the hope that others could benefit from it.

Unfortunately I found out yesterday that this broke the Intellectual Property rights of the company. It was never my intention to do so; I should have read the IP agreement better. I thought given that 70 - 80% of it had been completed at home this wouldn’t be an issue - but I was wrong.

The offer that I was given was to remove all traces of the code from the public domain within 24 hours. Which I have. And this is why the once commit-history heavy repo is now empty. Absolutely everything now belongs to the company, and has nothing to do with me, and that’s fine.

So, what does this mean going forward? Well, screw it, lets do it better! I’m building a new WYSIWYG editor. Written from the ground up to be better in every way. I’ve learnt a lot in the months since then, that’s the way being a developer works, so anything I do now can be even better than before. All of the things I had in mind and all of the things I had on the ‘coming soon’ list become a reality on Forger.js .

I’ve been given no sort of ‘gagging order’ so I wanted to write this post to clear things up. It always looks incredibly bad when you arrive at a repository and read that it “had to be removed”. Plagiarism and similarly negative things always pop in your head. I wanted to assure people that this was not the case. I enjoyed writing that code; but it’s mine no longer. Now it’s time to write something even better.