In this tutorial we’re going to deploy an ember-cli application to Divshot. Divshot offers fully-featured Static Site hosting, backed by a CDN, CLI deployment and different environments.

1) Head on over to Divshot and click ‘Sign Up’. When you’re done you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.

2) We’ll install Divshot’s CLI tools by running npm install -g divshot-cli.

3) Run divshot login to authenticate with Divshot. You’ll be redirected to a webpage, follow the on-screen instructions.

4) Create an Ember app by running ember new <APP NAME>.

5) cd in to your project’s root and run npm install --save-dev ember-cli-divshot to install the ember-cli Divshot addon, this is a wrapper around Divshot’s CLI tools.

6) Next run ember generate divshot, this will create a divshot.json file. You can either set the name property in this file equal to the name of your Divshot app, or you can just auto-generate a new app on Divshot by running the command in the next step.

7) Deploy the app by running ember divshot push. This will also generate an app for you if it doesn’t exist. By default the development environment will be used, but you can specify another environment like so: ember divshot push staging. The production environment is used for the build step by default, this can also be changed like so: ember divshot push --environment=development.

8) You’ll receive output that looks like this:

Application deployed to development
You can view your app at: http://<APP NAME>

Great, that’s the app deployed. Feel free to navigate to that URL to see your application. You can also use a custom domain, but that’s out of the scope of this tutorial.

This writing has kindly been sponsored by Pootsbook and Ember Watch.

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